Friday 4 March 2005

So where next with Joda-Time? A JSR?

Releasing a v1.0 can be a strange experience. Once its done, the stress can just disappear, and you take a bit of a rest (assuming there was no great heap of new bugs discovered, which there wasn't).

And its a bit like that with Joda-Time. v1.0 is done and out in the wild. There was quite a bit of positive feedback, but I've no idea how popular it really was because Sourceforge statistics are up the spout.

The main question then becomes well what next? v1.1 would be the obvious answer, but I need to gather some energy to add more code. And until and unless I get feedback on Joda-Time in use its difficult to know what people are missing.

The other possible direction is a JSR. Various people have suggested this, but I am a little skeptical. JDOM, Jade (scientific units) and Groovy haven't exactly been good indicators of what JSRs do to open source projects.

So, what do people reading this think. Are you not using Joda-Time because its not in the JDK? Is a JSR a good direction to go? Have you got your own ideas for what java.time should look like?


  1. Hi,

    I've had a look at Joda time and to answer your question regarding JSR: Yes, as a consultant I often run into problems trying to introduce open source stuff. If it was part of the JDK it would be better. I haven't tried Joda time, but I would be really happy about some better replacements of the JDK's Date class.

  2. congrats on the 1.0

  3. I do not think a library that handles dates, no matter how good it is, will be included if the size of it is > 400k...


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