Saturday 13 November 2004

Open source loose ends

It seems that I have a lot of OSS loose ends to tie up. Or alternatively, its scary how many things are needing a release.

Tonight I played with Joda-Primitives. This was my own breakoff from Commons-Primitives when I realised that I preferred a different design to commons. (Joda's primitive collections subclass JDK Collections, Commons' classes don't.)

Also waiting to be sorted are Commons Collections 3.2, IO 1.1 and Lang 2.1. And not forgetting the big Joda-Time 1.0. Somehow I need to get all of these done and dusted, while still keeping the day job. Sometimes I marvel at the amount of effort put in by other OSS developers, but maybe they're lucky enough to be able to work on OSS during work hours?

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