Saturday 6 November 2004

Joda-Time 0.98 released

Well, it took long enough, but finally its here. The new release of Joda-Time , the cleanroom replacement to JDK Date and Calendar. So whats in it?

  • DateTime - a millisecond based datetime + timezone
  • DateMidnight - a millisecond based date + timezone
  • YearMonthDay - a field based date without zone
  • TimeOfDay - a field based time without zone
  • Duration - a millisecond based length of time (23456 ms)
  • Period - a field based length of time (5 months, 2 days and 4 hours)
  • Interval - a time interval between two exact points in time

Those who've played with Joda-Time before will spot that some classes have changed. TimeOnly became TimeOfDay, DateOnly became DateMidnight or YearMonthDay depending on your requirements. This was all necessary to solve issues that only became apparant during testing. This is one project where test driven development might actually have produced a better design earlier, not just bug free code. Ah well, isn't hindsight great...

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