Tuesday 10 January 2006

Maven SourceForge Plugin v1.3 - Rapid releases!

Well my latest little project is complete - the Maven SourceForge plug-in. Basically all I've done is reactivated an existing plug-in and made it work with the latest SourceForge website.

So what does it do? Well it allows project administrators and release managers of open source projects hosted at SourceForge to use maven directly to upload their releases. The plug-in

  • Uploads the files (configurable set)
  • Logs on to the website
  • Accesses the File Release System
  • Uploads release and change notes
  • Sets the file types
  • Sends email notification (optional)
  • Submits a news item (optional)

Typically it manages this in a couple of minutes. Now thats a lot faster and a lot less hassle than doing it manually!!!

I've already released two Joda-Time subprojects as well as the maven-sourceforge-plugin itself so I'm pretty happy that it works. So next time you want to release something to SourceForge just do 'maven sourceforge:deploy'.