Monday 9 July 2018

Upgrading to Eclipse Photon

I use Eclipse as my Java IDE. And the new release, Photon is now out.

Photon is a large release, with lots of new features. The most important is the separation of the test and main classpaths, which has always been a point of pain in the IDE. Now it just works as you would expect, and the Maven plugin M2E correctly sets it up:

Note the darker colour of the src/test classpath elements.

Support for Java 9 (modules) and Java 10 (local variable type inferenece) is also present, ready for Java 11 in September. You can also use JUnit 5. It even tries to help you reach 100% code coverage!

All in all, I feel this is a release where upgrading will make a difference to everyday coding.

I've upgraded my own Eclipse installations, and it all went pretty well. You can either start from a clean install (I prefer the basic IDE without plugins so I can choose which ones to add). Or you can add Photon as an update site, and let Eclipse update itself.

One problem I had was the plugin that connects Maven (M2E) to Checkstyle (Eclipse-CS), known as m2e-code-quality. Fortunately, the team at GEBIT have been maintaining a fork of the original plugin. However, they don't release it in binary form. As such, I had to build the plugin locally (no big deal - its a simple build).

To simplify the process however, I've created a repository on GitHub with my Eclipse setup files, and a binary zip of the GEBIT forked plugin.

To use just the m2e-code-quality GEBIT fork, download the zip file and add it as an update site. Here are some instructions.

Thank you Eclipse team for a great release!

PS. I won't be answering "how to" questions about upgrading Eclipse or the eclipse-setup repository. There are plenty of other places to ask questions, such as Stack Overflow or the Eclipse Forums.


  1. Eclipse Photon also adds support for code minings, which can be added by this plugin:

    I personally like the "debug"-buttons on tests and parameter names on method calls.

  2. many thanks for m2e-code-quality workaround


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