Wednesday 16 February 2005

Joda-Time 0.99 done, 1.0 on its way...

Yes, after lots of late nights, version 0.99 of Joda-Time (the replacement for JDK Date and Calendar, and much much more) is out in the wild.

The plan is to get a few days feedback on 0.99, remove the deprecated methods, then release as 1.0 next week (and definitely before the end of February).

By the way, if you used version 0.98, you'll need to read the release notes, as there were a few last minute changes between 0.98 and 0.99. But I'm determined to let nothing stop 1.0 ;-)

Oh, and if you want to help out by developing another calendar system, Hebrew, Islamic, Chinese, Thai, Japanese,... just drop me a line !


  1. One word: "Wow".

    I have to admit that I'm quite impress by the amount of work you are putting in Joda :)

    Time handling in Java badly needs a good reference implementation.

    Keep on the good work!

  2. I hope you don't feel pressure to release "1.0" just because you released "0.99". The "1.0" should be meaningful, indicating that the project is ready to be used seriously, the implementation is free of most bugs, and all features are complete.

    I've seen too many projects where 1.0 isn't a special release, it's just the next version after 0.9, before 1.1.

  3. Stephen Colebourne16 February 2005 at 17:03

    No, We're not rushing 1.0 ;-)

    The coding of 1.0 is now complete, and it has reached a position where we are happy to support the current API into the future.

    Think of 0.99 as a cross between 1.0 Beta1 and a nicer upgrade path from 0.98.

  4. What about joda-beans?
    Could that be picked up?
    I like collections to beans part, but not the dependent jars for jdk1.4+


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