Tuesday 7 September 2010

Joda-Convert and Joda-Primitives v1.0

At the weekend I release v1.0 of two projects - Joda-Convert and Joda-Primitives.


This is a simple library targetted at converting objects to and from strings. As well as the standard interface plugin point for adding your own converters it has annotation based conversion. This allows you to add the ToString and FromString to methods of your class and have Joda-Convert pick them up.

See the website and previous blog for more details.


This is a library providing collections, iterators and lists based on primitive types rather than objects. Using collections in this way can yield considerable space and performance benefits over boxed primitives.

The project began life a number of years ago as a fork from Commons Primitives. The main difference is that Joda-Primitives extends the original JDK collections interfaces for seamless integration, whereas Commons-Primitives requires wrappers to interoperate.

It is hoped that support for other collection types may be added, however it is not top of my list of things to do.

See the website for more details.


  1. Joda-primitives seems to be worse then fastutil. fastutil is old project, and it also supports maps and sets.

  2. Stephen Colebourne8 September 2010 at 00:05

    Yes, Joda-Primitives covers the same ground as fastutil. However it has a more friendly license - Apache v2 - which some may find useful. Essentially, the v1.0 release is just tidying up work that should have been released long ago...

  3. What about the Date and Time API?

    Is this JSR abandoned or will it go into Java 7/Java 8 eventually?


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