Monday 29 October 2007

Joda-Time 1.5 released

Finally released today, after a long wait, is Joda-Time version 1.5. This release fixes a number of bugs, and contains a raft of enhancements, which should make it a desirable upgrade for most users.

One enhancement is to provide a way to handle awkward time zones where midnight disappears. In these zones, the daylight savings time (DST) spring cutover results in there being no midnight. Unfortunately, the LocalDate.toDateTimeAtMidnight() method required midnight to exist and throws an exception if it doesn't. Version 1.5 adds a LocalDate.toDateTimeAtStartOfDay() method which handles this case by returning the first valid time on the date.

The Period class has also received a lot of new methods. You can now easily convert to a Duration and other periods using the standard ISO definitions of seconds/minutes/hours/days. You can also normalize using these definitions, converting "1 year 15 months" to "2 years 3 months".

Finally, it is now easier to tell if a given instant is in summer or winter time. This uses the new DateTimeZone.isStandardOffset() method.

Full details are available in the release notes or just go ahead and download! Maven jar, sources and javadoc are also available.


  1. What version of the tzdata is Joda-time now using? I recently had to manually rebuild 1.4 for the recent changes to New Zealand's DST...

  2. Stephen Colebourne29 October 2007 at 21:09

    This has tz database 2007h (as detailed in the release notes).

  3. Excellent - missed that when reading over it earlier..


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