Wednesday 9 May 2007

JavaOne JSR-310 Date and Time API BOF tonight!

If you're at JavaOne and hate Date and Calendar then come along to our BOF tonight! Its at 21:55 in MC105 - BOF-2794.

We'll be having a short talk about what's wrong with Date and Calendar, what current alternatives are out there and outline the initial thoughts of the JSR group. There will also be a mini-puzzler with mini-chocolate reward!!!

The main aim of the BOF is to have a discussion however - what calendar systems should we support, what kind of API, should we address SQL access? We'd love to hear your input, so come along if you can!


  1. It would be nice if JSR-310 allowed for non-earthly date/time/calendar systems. For example, you might want to come up with a Mars-centric calendar with different day lengths, year lengths, etc. As another example, I created a Joda-Time chronology for a simulation where months were exactly 4 weeks, with the 1st of every month being Monday, giving a 48 week year. These may be esoteric cases, so you should not optimize any API for doing this, but it would be nice if it were at least possible.

  2. Another example, although earthly: Swatch Internet Time


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