Wednesday 23 August 2006

Which days of the week are the weekend in Egypt?

Do you know? Or more precisely, does your Java application know?

Well, yesterday I released a 0.1 version of a new project Joda-Time-I18N. This provides four lookups at present:

  • Time zone by territory
  • First day of week by territory
  • Business days by territory
  • Weekend days by territory

The data comes from the Unicode CLDR project, so should be pretty accurate (its backed by IBM and Sun).

The code is released now to get some feedback, and to allow early users access. The 0.1 version refers to the chance of the API changing (high), not the quality of the data (which is good). Oh, and the weekend in Egypt?

  Territory t = Territory.forID("EG");
  int weekendStartDay = t.getWeekendStart();
  int weekendEndDay = t.getWeekendEnd();

Anyway, I'd love to here any feedback on the API, data or proposed enhancements.

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