Thursday 22 December 2005

Joda-Time 1.2 is released

I had hoped it might have been released before Javapolis, but time pressures came into play (no pun intended!) Anyway, Joda-Time 1.2, the replacement for JDK Date and Calendar, is now released!

This release fixes a few bugs and upgrades to the latest time zone information. It also includes two new calendar systems, Ethiopic and Islamic. I am still looking to expand the range of calendar systems though, there are numerous ones still to add.

Also added were convenience methods on properties to create an interval for a whole month/week etc (toInterval), and to set a date to the last day in a month (withMaximumValue).

The feedback from Joshua Bloch and the rest of the audience at Javapolis was useful, and I expect to enhance and clarify the API over the coming year.

Full details can be found on the website. As always, feedback welcome!


  1. Hi Stephen,

    I'd like to make you aware of the Chronos Date/Time Library ( I am the author. Send me an e-mail if you'd like to talk shop.


  2. Ahh, so you're the author of JodaTime! This is a great, great library. Saved us loads of time in time calculations and zone translations.

    Kudos for such a superb work.

  3. Could you elaborate on what feedback Josh and the audience gave you?


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