Monday, 2 July 2007

JSR-310 - What running a JSR really means

Choosing to take on the development of a JSR (JSR-310, Date and Time API) wasn't an easy decision. I knew at the start that it would involve a lot of effort.

My original plan was to work on the JSR solely in my free time (evenings and weekends), but after 4 months the reality was that I hadn't got enough done. So thats why, starting today, I'm taking unpaid leave two days a week from my day-job for 3 months to try and get the task done.

So, I guess that this post should serve as a warning to anyone thinking of starting a JSR. Its going to cost you :-)

PS. JSR-310 is run in a fully open manner, so if you've got something to contribute to the debate, please join the mailing list or add to the wiki!


  1. Benoit Xhenseval4 July 2007 at 21:21

    Hi Stephen,
    Probably not the most appropriate forum... but do you intend to make use of the JSR 275 in 310? Or at least be compatible... They have the notion of Measurable and Duration... it would be a shame to have 2 solutions to the same problem...


  2. Stephen Colebourne5 July 2007 at 18:09

    @Benoit, JSR-275 is definitely on the table, but we can't be certain that it will make Java SE, just like JSR-310. So a degree of caution has to be used.